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Decide to Stop Smoking

The smoker’s metaphor for jumping in the deep end is his commitment to never having another smoke… ever. Facing this reality is when the smoker realizes he can no longer touch the bottom, you might say. And as with the swimmer… after the initial struggle, he too will begin to relax and experience the joys of becoming a non-smoker… providing he’s committed to weather the storm.

In either case, it’s the seriousness of the commitment which empowers you… thereby awakening nature’s way of giving you everything you need precisely at the time you need it. It’s a jumping in the deep end kind of a thing. Take it to heart and you’ll give yourself a fighting chance to succeed.

I challenge you to make the following commitment… but only when you are seriously ready to jump in the deep end and decide to stop smoking.

Write down the following bold commitment on a piece of paper. Keep it with you and read it when you first wake up each morning and before you retire each evening.
I will quit smoking.

• I fully commit to completely stop smoking for the period of one month (30 days).

• With all my mind and energy, I will each day seek out and enjoy all the benefits that go along with this commitment, by moving forward and not looking back.

• I realize there will be difficult moments, but I will find a way to get through them… others have done it, and they are no better than I.

• At the end of this period, but not one day before, I will make the decision to continue my journey of getting my living back, or I’ll decide to start smoking again.