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Heredity Obesity

I thought that I was doomed to be obese for life, followed by all the obesity related illnesses like diabetes, heart and kidney problems.

If what the experts say is true, then it must have been a miracle that I managed to lose all my weight.

No, it is not a miracle; it is the food that we eat.

My mother grew up obese as a result of her high carbohydrate diets, and as she brought me up, she put me through the exact same high carbohydrate diets, hence leading me down the road of obesity.

It is not anyone’s fault, just simply because we were all misled, we give our children what we eat and the same exact food that made us fat and obese is going to make our children obese, and the cycle continues generations after generations.

The experts then tell us it is in our genes, our children inherit our “obesity” genes.

My opinion is our children inherit our diet. The exact same food that we eat and made us fat and obese will surely make our children obese.

The main cause of our obesity is because we are eating too much carbohydrate.

Carbohydrate is the main cause of our obesity, once I cut out carbohydrate from my every day food, my weight start dropping.

As soon as I adopt a low carbohydrate lifestyle, I lost over 20 kilograms in 7 months; I was also given a clean bill of health. Good bye to my high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides (fat) level in my blood.